Sunday 14 04 2019

Published 13 04 2019, 17:00

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Danger level
Danger Level 2 - Moderate
Avalanche Problem
Wet snow above 2500m, N-NE-E-SE-S-SW-W-NW
New snow above 2200m, N-NE-E-SE-S-SW-W-NW

Moist and wet avalanches are the main danger.

In all regions and below approximately 2500 m moist and wet avalanches are possible. As a consequence of warming during the day and the solar radiation, the likelihood of wet avalanches during the day being released will increase gradually. Apart from the danger of being buried, restraint should be exercised as well in view of the danger of avalanches sweeping people along and giving rise to falls. Medium-sized and, in isolated cases, large natural avalanches are possible in particular at the base of rock walls and behind abrupt changes in the terrain. Avalanches can reach valley bottoms and in isolated cases endanger exposed transportation routes. As a consequence of the rain, the likelihood of moist and wet avalanches being released will increase. In some regions increase in danger of dry avalanches as a consequence of the snowfall. If more than 20 cm of snow falls danger level 3 (considerable) may be reached.


Up to 2000 m rain will fall over a wide area. The surface of the snowpack cooled hardly at all during the overcast night and will already be soft in the early morning. The snowpack will be wet all the way through below approximately 2500 m. As the day progresses as a consequence of the moist air there will be an increase in the danger of moist and wet avalanches within the current danger level. This applies in all aspects in particular below approximately 2500 m. As a consequence of rain a sometimes critical avalanche situation will be encountered in some localities.


Moderate, level 2. The conditions are sometimes unfavourable for backcountry touring and other off-piste activities.