Sunday 22 12 2019

Published 21 12 2019, 17:00

Latemar, Southern Adamello, Primiero - Pale di S. Martino, Adamello - Presanella, Prealps, Northern Brenta - Peller, Cembra Valley, Bondone and Stivo, Vallarsa, Western Nonsberg Alps, Folgaria - Laverone, Southern Brenta, Fassa Valley, Sole, Pejo and Rabbi, Southern Lagorai, Ledro Valley, Northern Lagorai, Maddalene, Paganella, Marzola - Valsugana, Pine' - Mocheni Valley

Danger level
Danger Level 3 - Considerable above the treeline
Danger Level 3 - Considerable above the treeline
Avalanche Problem
Wind-drifted snow above the treeline, N-NE-E-SE-S-SW-W-NW
Gliding snow above 2200m, N-NE-E-SE-S-SW-W-NW

Fresh snow and wind slabs require caution. The backcountry touring conditions remain unfavourable.

As a consequence of fresh snow and a strong to storm force wind from southerly directions, easily released wind slabs formed in all aspects. Significant increase in avalanche danger in particular adjacent to ridgelines and in gullies and bowls. Fresh snow and wind slabs can be released, even by a single winter sport participant. Especially from starting zones at higher altitudes medium-sized and, in isolated cases, large natural avalanches are possible. Below approximately 2200 m medium-sized and, in isolated cases, large gliding avalanches are possible.


dp 6: cold, loose snow and wind
dp 2: gliding snow

20 to 50 cm of snow, and even more in some localities, has fallen in the last two days above approximately 1700 m. The southwesterly wind has transported the fresh snow significantly. Fresh wind slabs have formed in particular in the regions exposed to precipitation and generally at high altitudes. In some cases the wind slabs have bonded still only poorly with the old snowpack. Fresh wind slabs are extensive and prone to triggering. The old snowpack will be moist below approximately 2200 m.


Wind slabs must be evaluated with care and prudence. The conditions are sometimes critical for backcountry touring and other off-piste activities. Gradual decrease in danger below the tree line.