Thursday 28.04.2022

Published 27 04 2022, 17:00

Danger level

The backcountry touring conditions are favourable.

The more recent wind slabs are mostly small and unlikely to be released now. Individual avalanche prone locations are to be found on near-ridge shady slopes in high Alpine regions. The wind slabs are to be avoided in particular in terrain where there is a danger of falling.
The avalanche danger will increase a little during the day. As a consequence of warming during the day and solar radiation individual moist loose snow avalanches are possible, especially on extremely steep sunny slopes at high altitudes and in high Alpine regions.


The new snow of the last few days has bonded well with the old snowpack. Outgoing longwave radiation during the night will be good. The surface of the snowpack has frozen to form a strong crust. The weather conditions will bring about a slight weakening of the near-surface layers as the day progresses in particular on very steep sunny slopes.
In all regions only a small amount of snow is lying for the time of year. At low and intermediate altitudes from a snow sport perspective, in most cases insufficient snow is lying.


Low avalanche danger will persist.