Sunday 01.05.2022

Published 01 05 2022, 08:00

Danger level

Avalanche Problem
Wet snow

Moist and wet snow slides are the main danger.
This is the final hazard map for the winter 2021/22. Regular avalanche bulletins with hazard maps will appear again from around the start of December, depending on the snow situation.

As the day progresses numerous moist loose snow slides are to be expected above approximately 1800 m. This applies on extremely steep slopes, in the event of prolonged bright spells especially.
In addition the small wind slabs of last week are prone to triggering in isolated cases still. This applies on near-ridge shady slopes in high Alpine regions.


dp.10: springtime scenario
dp.6: cold, loose snow and wind

5 to 20 cm of snow has fallen above approximately 1800 m. The wind will be light over a wide area.
The meteorological conditions will bring about a weakening of the near-surface layers as the day progresses in all aspects.
The older wind slabs have bonded quite well with the old snowpack in high Alpine regions.
In all regions only a small amount of snow is lying for the time of year. At low and intermediate altitudes from a snow sport perspective, in most cases insufficient snow is lying.


As the day progresses a low danger of moist and wet snow slides will persist.