Tuesday 05 11 2019

Published 12 11 2019, 11:42

Gröden Dolomites, Prags Dolomites

Danger level
Danger Level 3 - Considerable above the treeline
Danger Level 2 - Moderate above the treeline

Currently there are quite favourable conditions generally. Avalanches can still in isolated cases be released by large loads, but they will be small in most cases. This applies especially in extremely steep terrain at transitions from a shallow to a deep snowpack, when entering gullies and bowls for example. Elsewhere, avalanches can scarcely be released. Weakly bonded old snow on steep shady slopes. Distinct weak layers in the upper part of the snowpack can be released in isolated cases even by individual winter sport participants on steep shady slopes. This applies in particular in little used terrain as well as in areas where the snow cover is rather shallow above approximately 2300 m. Avalanches can penetrate even deep layers and reach a dangerous size. Distinct weak layers in the old snowpack necessitate defensive route selection. Isolated whumpfing sounds can indicate the danger.


dp 2: gliding snow