Saturday 25.02.2023

Published 24 02 2023, 17:00

Danger level

Currently there are favourable conditions.

Individual avalanche prone locations for dry avalanches are to be found in particular on extremely steep shady slopes and at transitions from a shallow to a deep snowpack. In steep terrain there is a danger of falling on the icy crust.


The snowpack is favourably layered. The solar radiation will give rise as the day progresses to slight moistening of the snowpack.
Weak layers exist in the centre of the snowpack, especially on shady slopes above approximately 2200 m. The snowpack will be subject to considerable local variations above the tree line. In all regions only a small amount of snow is lying for the time of year.


Sunday: The weather will be cold. The wind will be moderate to strong over a wide area. The avalanche danger will persist.